Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Offline data synchronization

I wrote a few days before that it looked like I would get involved in a SOA-project. Today it looks like I will get involved in another project! This new project could have following technical characteristics:
  • said to be a rich-client-project
  • support for offline disconnected scenarios (offline agents)
  • distributed application (Internet, intranet or some kind of private network)
  • integration with a backend system (no idea what kind of interface that would be)

Sounds interesting .... So I bought yesterday something about WPF to update myself with 'state of the art rich client development'.

Maybe the new Microsoft Synch Framework could be interesting in that context too. I watched this and it looks promising. I have to admit that I hate that kind of presentations but it looks that it's flexible and can be extended. I'm not yet sure about that but at least the synch-runtime can be instantiated in a object-oriented manner and that's always a good sign. Would be great if it could be connected to a service instead of a database.

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